"I highly recommend Barbara as a tutor for German.
We relocated to the UK 5 years ago and at that stage my sons had a good level of German for their respective ages (11 and 7).
We wanted them to maintain this invaluable skill and to be able to sit Common Entrance German even though this subject wasn’t offered by their prep school. Barbara has tutored both boys since our arrival in the UK.
During term time Barbara spent time with both boys on a weekly basis giving them the opportunity to speak and listen to German, and also to improve their grammar and vocabulary.
She prepared lessons for our younger son for 4 years so that he had a good foundation to build on in preparation for his Common Entrance exam which he will sit later this academic year.
As a native German speaker Barbara has helped my sons develop excellent spoken German, a skill they are often complimented on and which has helped them gain excellent results in their exams.
She has also been available in holidays to provide the opportunity for my sons to practice their German which is very helpful in the lead up to exams.
Our elder son attained top marks in Common Entrance and GCSE German and is now taking A level German.
As well as being an excellent technical tutor, Barbara is also friendly, accommodating, and encouraging, and my sons are always happy to see her."

"We were looking for a native German speaker to help our two young sons speak and understand German prior to us relocating to Switzerland. Barbara came recommended to us.
Our sons had no prior knowledge of the language. Barbara tailored the weekly sessions to the ability of our children aged 6 and 10 (at the time) and prioritised the usefulness of vocabulary to them in their new environment. This included the basics of introducing themselves and how to interact with other children as well as classroom talk. Barbara kept us up to date with our boys’ development.
It was invaluable for our boys to be exposed to German prior to our move. We have now been in Switzerland for three months. The boys were more comfortable from the beginning because they had been exposed to the German language beforehand. There is enough change when making an international move so removing this surprise was very valuable. The children made friends in their German speaking schools much faster having had such a good start with Barbara.
Barbara was in tune with the boys behaviour so as not to overwhelm them at any time. They both enjoyed their lessons. We would not hesitate to recommend her so please feel free to contact us. Barbara is happy to pass on our contact details."

"A quick note to say that we heard from Brighton College today that our son has won a scholarship?! His grades were fantastic including a number of A*s, one of which was for German! So thank you very much for your efforts with him. I'm sure he'll have more to tell you next week."